Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Well, it is officially  off the ground! And over a year later it bit the very ground it took off from. I was an enlightening experience to say the least. I learned a whole lot I didn't know about how goods move through the system and just how extremely difficult it is to sell the invisible,  that being  SERVICE. Most if not all people want to see something tangible not a track record, although that helps, too. Consumers want to physically feel something, or if you don't have that you need a name to stand next too, one that the consumer is aware exists. Landstar
is not widely known in this part of Canada, but as I said it was a learning experience and one I have learned from, and that in itself is an important lesson.
I want to thank the customer who allowed me to move their freight, we had a good time, and everything went well.

I have moved onto other things now but will always be able to move someone's
freight as I keep in touch with other agents who have managed the curve and are still active.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Beachcombing Pup

Hello Good friends.
What a beautiful early Spring day. Soft grey muted clouds hang on the mountains, draping them with rain that brings forth the green and the new life of fawns, and more of Mother's Nature's bounty that we have come to wholeheartedly embrace for it's goodness, and restorative powers. 

The tides come and they go, and each succession of waves leaves it's riches, and takes away something in return. There are such immense riches upon the beaches that I walk daily, rocks as old as time immoral, kelp, and shells, sea creatures scurrying away from a puppy's inquistitive nose, and clawing claws that dig, and dig and dig. I rarely come home without some small treasure, a pebble that catches my eye, and small empty shell, a remanant of some creature's home in  some deep oceanic embrace that has been flung onto the shore so that I can find it. The gulls wheel, and dive, catching some shell in their beaks they soar to heights and freely drop the shell hoping that this time the food inside will be released to their every hungry beaks. There is a pair of nesting bald eagles on this beach walk, they've found their spot, defended it against others, and are doing eagle things that come with nesting rights to a beach rich with food and the wealth that the oceans bring on every tide.
They also wheel and cavort in the sky they tumble and toss at each other talons extended, wings embracing in tenderness to soften the impact, the eagles come together and mate, then break apart and the game begins again.

In the distance the sealions bellow, the pup perks her ears, and cocks her head, and gazes out onto the ocean what creature is it, that barks like a dog but swims in the water, water so deep and salty it hides more than I a mere pup can fathom. I prefer the solid ground on which my walker and I stand. I will bark and defend my beach rock that I stand upon I am a queen in my own  right
I dare you, creature of the unknown come hither to me, and state your case! And after I have eaten my fill of treasures that I come upon on the beach that my walker tries in vane to hide fish skeletons, minute crabs, mussel shells and barnacles attached I will with hunger quieted into silence decide whether you and I can be friends, which of course goes without saying we will be fondest friends for time immoral, and  I shall tell you of stories of the land, and you can spin your tales of the deep, salty oceans that you dwell in, and between the two of us we shall rule the world!

Friday, January 11, 2013

And ........Life Goes On

Life does go on, it waits for no man, woman, or child. No animal, insect, star, planet, wind, rain, sleet, sunrise, sundown, moon rise...

Each day unfolds as it is supposed to whether you will it, or not. Sometimes I truly wish I could hold
back the hands of time, other times, I wish they would speed around the clock face and go faster and faster.
They click by one second at a time, but when they are gone............then they are truly gone.

I could......
If I truly put on my thinking cap, think of days and instances when I frittered away a perfectly good chance to do something. worthwhile, instead I lazed it away, doing something that at the time seemed the perfect chance/oppourtunity to do what it was that I was doing, instead of that all important something constructive, meaningful, stressful, better end result effort.

Why, why make a half-baked attempt to construct something that wasn't meant to be?

I was supposed to have done the other thing, I most likely would have done it, if it had happened in mychildhood, you can bet your last dollar that I would have been doing the more constructive, better end result, than lazing around

I have a lot of things happening right now but, until they are cemented into time immoral, well as much as we can have in this day and age, I  will not write about them. Stay thee well my friends, and remember Merrymeet, and merry greet, until we meet again

Friday, December 21, 2012

I truly had no idea that it has been so long since I last posted. My sincere apologies. ( sometimes the wandering conusmes one's very being, and although time is not standing still it certainly appears to be moving ever so slowly.)

The world has certainly moved. No standing still, or mulling what shall we do next. tens of thousands of lives have been lost, or taken too soon, minions of leaders who deem themselves the one chosed to lead their people to salvation have taken other who prefer the slower, less used road, or who for that matter don't agree with the rules and doctrines of whoever is in power at any given time. No one's live should be taken before their time! We all have something to offer no matter how humble, or proud, each indivdual has some gem, some aspect of life to make all of us richer, and more serene in our lives.

Is it ironic that I always seem to go months, even years without posting, then when I do, it seems like it's always around Christmas.
Here it is again near Christmas 2012.

 Another empty void it would appear of my mundane life, not really but, life is what one makes it, and to be honest I am not a daily blog poster. Sometimes honestly life gets away with me, and I get caught up in experincing all it has to offer. You truly can not experince life chained to a laptop, or personal computer. You need to inhale it, hold it, immerse yourself, your body, your mind in it. Feel it with your hands, feet, body, hear it with your ears, see it with your eyes, smell it with your nose. Like newly mown hay, the smell of hot summer days wafts across the fields and into your nose, you close your eyes, and see it undulating in the fields as the invisible winds caress it, rains pummel it, and the ground soaks the goodness of the water deep within it's ecosystem to nourish the world.

I leave you with this tidbit, I will return, it will be sooner ( honestly)
than a span of years. My Mother has passed onto her next journey, 97 years of age the grand Matriarch of the family, the last of the great ones
we are although happy that she is no longer in pain, she will be missed... I did not want this first entry to be of this variety, but she is in my every thought more than I realized. I bid you all a fair adieu, and will be back another day. Godspeed all you who have gone on before

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It Truly Has Been A Long time

Well to everyone that reads my mindless, at time thoughtful banter, and musing I am sorry I have not posted since VERY early this year that is nearly over!
No real reasons why, work, not enough hours in the day, and really what makes what I do with my life any more special than what you do with yours? It doesn't. That you honor me with a counter that says 11 thousand+ of you care enough to stop by boggles my mind, makes me want to write more, I feel as though I have let you down in some way, but, then the more sensible side of me comes back to life, and says now just a minute here, YOU really think people care a rat's rear end what you've been up too? People who read blogs, read because they have an insatiable hunger that drives them to read, read, and read more. Somewhat like yourself, silly person! Who else reads labels at the store, you say it is because you want to know what's in the product, BUT, we all know it is because you feel the need to KNOW, and to READ, read, read, and your oblivious to all because you have your nose in something that has print upon it's pages, and your entranced, give me a minute, will you while I finish reading this!

We are off again for the winter. Going to the family house as the matriarch is at the ripe age of 94, and we all decided to make this the Christmas we would lay down our arguments, and become the offspring of the union that fathered us all, and celebrate with her as she is still basically able to hold an earth shattering conversation, and keep us all on our toes, and truly hoping we could at least light the candle that she has so bravely carried all these years in the face of adversaries, the kind that you and I only read about, and that epic movies are made about.
It shall be a grand event, for an even grander, elegant lady.

With that graceful thought in my brain, I wish all who read these postings, and those that don't a very blessed, Christmas season, AND if Christmas isn't your religion, then a season that you, yourself dictate, may it be rich in what you desire, peaceful in the knowledge that the world is unfolding in the way that it was meant to, and there really is nothing that any of us can do to change the way it is unfolding, except to get comfortable, and hang on!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Greetings From the Cyber Truckstop

Greetings from the cyber truckstop. Actually we are sitting at the house where we
have been since Mid December. Freight basically dries up although as it usually goes
if your at the right "spot" at the "right" time you can usually score a run no matter
what the season, or freight climate. We just decided that with the roads being an
unknown quality come ice, snow, and inept crews that staying home was a far easier
pill to swallow.

We haven't been lazy, although we aren't driving perse. Our taxes are nearly done for
another year, and although it seemed like we hauled a ton of ourselves around the country
we were in fact only out for 170 days. That seems about par perhaps a tad bit on the slow
side, but, ya know we can afford to do it, so why the heck not!

Had a nice quiet Christmas, talked to everyone that needed talking too, and reminded the
family of the upcoming trip where we all touched base for the first time in face to face
scenario in 2 years.... what a frigging blast! We are all older, perhaps wiser, although the
younger members of the family disagreed on that point, the eldest member of the family...
the Grand matriarch coming in at 93 years of age, and still packing a healthy whack of
intelligence, and brute force to be reckoned with admitted we had all turned out rather
well considering our upbringing, or perhaps lack of.

We are now back at the house surveying the frozen lake,and dreaming of sunny days,
and tugging lines, and of course we are slated to go back to work next week, but, you
know... perhaps not....

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Greetings from the road

Greetings friends, neighbors, any and all who come to visit.
It's been a slow week for freight in our business. 2.5 ruins
total miles maybe 2000. Last run paid well but was only
90 miles set us right back into Atlanta, and the home of (
as far as I am concerned) scary truckstops! The place we
resting our heads this weekend and resetting our clocks
is at least free, and therefore has more let's say interesting
people strolling through, pan handleing etc.

We are trying to get home for the festivities of All Hallows
Eve.... time will tell

Dont forget play Bow-Wow trivia!!
Thanks for your support